The Inheritance Lawyer

Ever wonder why trusts and inheritance are so important? A lot of people wait until it is too late which is why I have made it my priority to educate people on why you should be working on this sooner than you think. I had a near-death experience when I was what I thought was healthy! All I could think about was, what was going to happen to my kids, and what would be left for them, and since then I've been helping others be prepared for the end.

Frequent Issues in Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

The Inheritance Lawyer, Varvara M. Gokea, explains the benefits of planning proactively rather than in times of crisis.

3 Reasons Why A Will Is Not Enough

The Inheritance Lawyer, Varvara M. Gokea, shows us the advantages of having a comprehensive estate plan.

Have You Protected Your Inheritance?

The Inheritance Lawyer, Varvara M. Gokea, explains how to protect your children's inheritance from creditors and bad actors.

Latest Videos on Estate Planning

Divorce Will Not Change Your Will Or Power Of Attorney

Did you know that your divorce decree will not revoke your will, your power of attorney or any other documents in your estate plan?

Estate Planning To Protect Your Children

If you die without having a plan set up for your underage children, you are going to be sending them in the system faster than you think. If you didn't know this was a possibility, you need to watch this!

How An Executor Almost Lost The Apartment Due to Probate

Today I am going to talk about a REAL life case I had with an 85 year old client and how he almost lost the apartment due to a probate that he had missed. Let's talk about it!

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