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Planning ahead for a health care crisis or financial crisis can help relieve stress for your family

Why It Is Important to Plan for the Unexpected

The rise of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has left many unprepared and confused. There are numerous reports of shortages of antibacterial ...
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Will Invalid Due to Undue Influence

Eva Johanna Rova Barnes (“Eva”) was born on July 17, 1916. She grew up on a parcel of land that ...
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The financial choices Mark Zuckerberg from Meta made for his family and what he should've done for estate planning

Zuckerberg Did Not Donate 99% of His Shares to Charity- Here’s What He Did Instead + What He Could Do Even Better

When I heard that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, were donating 99 percent of their Facebook shares — currently ...
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