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Guardianship Explained by VM Gokea Law Attorney, Varvara M. Gokea

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"Thank you Varvara for opening our eyes. We did not name guardians for our children until Varvara Gokea began the conversation. I feel relieved like some heavy burden from my sub-conscience has been removed.”

Guardianship comes up in a couple of different situations – 1) where a juvenile has a parent that can no longer take care of them for a variety of reasons, and the child is placed into the care of an appointed guardian or 2) where a parent can no longer make healthcare and financial decisions so a guardian must be appointed to these decisions for the child.

A child would generally be placed in the care of a guardian after the death or incapacity of both parents. If you speak with a VM Gokea Law Attorney who specializes in matters like guardianship, you can make sure that your children will be in the care of someone you chose. Making provisions for these matters while you are alive is critical this way your wishes are honored during a time of challenge and uncertainty.

Different Types of Guardianships That VM Gokea Law Can Help With

There are a couple different types of guardianship that we can assist you with:

Probate Guardianship of the Person: A guardian of the person is responsible for meeting the child’s basic needs, including protecting and safeguarding the child, and providing food, clothing, and shelter – as well as medical care and education. This is type one of the guardianships we can help you with.

Probate Guardianship of the Estate: A guardian of the estate may typically be provided for when a child has inherited a large sum of money or property from a deceased parent. The guardian will manage the child’s financial affairs until the child reaches the age of majority (18 years), and in many cases the surviving parent will assume the role. For more information on probate guardianships, contact Varvara for more info.

Choose The Experience of VM Gokea Law To Protect Your Children

Many parents have not yet taken the steps to protect their children in unfortunate circumstances. Whatever the reason, be it fear, not knowing the next step or just being too busy, make sure to get the information you need by talking to us about guardianship matters. If you have been considering speaking with Varvara about your family matters, contact Varvara today to set up an appointment by calling us at (212) 937-8420.

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