Informative Reads About Various Legal Issues and Concerns

Tom Clancy had worked on his estate planning for his family before he passed away

Ambiguities Can Lead to Litigation

Tom Clancy was a prolific scrivener of action novels. Upon his death at age 66, he left a substantial estate. ...
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Estate planning takes care and precision to achieve client's goals

An Estate Plan Takes Care

Planning an estate takes care and precision. There are many different ways that a plan which is not drafted appropriately ...
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A happy grandmother and a grandfather after building a retirement account properly

Are You Leaving Your Retirement Account at Risk Due to Poor Planning?

You’ve spent your entire life building up your retirement account. It may even be the biggest asset you’ll leave behind ...
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Aretha Franklin: Too Much Estate Planning

Too little estate planning can put your heirs in a bind and tie up your estate in time-consumingand costly probate ...
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